Feeding Snacking Children the Right Way

Nov 10, 2013
My four kids are always wanting something to snack, snack, snack. We always have our three square meals a day, but they always seem to be hungry. Also, we have a teenager, and let me tell you- he can eat! After learning a little bit about nutrition, I found out that sweet, sugary snacks fill you up and then burn off fast. This is what makes you hungry over and over again. I found that limiting the sweet snacks or high carb snacks and replacing them with healthy foods that are high in nutritional value keep my kids fuller, longer.

At my house, we took away all the crackers, cookies, brownies and such and replaced them with nuts, fruit, oatmeal, high fiber cereals, yogurt, and other great foods. I found that the kids were still snacking, but not as much. They were also eating something good for them. Don't get me wrong, we all need a little sugar too. I make sure every weekend I make a few homemade items like pie or cookies. The trick is finding healthier ways to make them and go homemade over store bought. The more a food is processed, the less nutritional value it usually has.

What snacks do you have around your house?

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